Online Chess – The Ultimate Mind Sport At New88

Chess online is a unique game that many gamers are looking for at bookmaker New 88. This is considered an extremely attractive mind sport, especially for those who like the traditional way of playing. With the online format, it brings players many interesting experiences, let’s find out the detailed information shared below.

Introducing online chess at New88

Actual online chess is set up relatively accurately and is similar to regular chess. The biggest difference is that players will not face a specific opponent but will be the online bookmaker’s system. With this form, you only need to have an account at New88, log in to the homepage and find the chess game, choose a table and wait for your opponent to appear.

Each table will be arranged in advance. During the move, if the gamer makes a mistake, the system will signal immediately. Especially when participating at New88, the connection speed is always guaranteed, vivid images and sounds will create the most wonderful playing space.

Learn pieces in online chess

As mentioned, online chess is copied quite similarly to the traditional game. Accordingly, specific troops include:

  • Pawn: Position is in the 2nd row of the table, only moves 1 step and eats diagonally. Do not play diagonally backward, only forward. At the end of the board, you will evolve into a rook, knight, bishop or queen.
  • Rook piece: This piece is moved horizontally and vertically and does not need to care about the number of squares, as long as it is not entangled with obstacles. If you meet an enemy on the way, you can eat, but if it is your own army, you can stop.
  • Knight: The knight moves in an L shape, that is, goes horizontally 1 square, vertically 2 squares, or diagonally within a circle. This piece will capture the position it moves.
  • Bishop: The bishop can only move and capture opponents in diagonal squares on the table.
  • Queen: Moves like a rook and bishop, moving as many squares as you want because it is the most mobile piece on the table.
  • King: Similar to the way the queen moves but only moves 1 square. This is a very important piece because if it is lost, the game will end.

Instructions for playing chess online

How to play chess online is quite simple, both players will each receive a set of chess pieces already arranged on the table. There are two sets with 2 colors, one person chooses black, the other will choose white. The purpose of the game is to protect the king and find ways to move according to regulations to capture the opponent’s pieces and capture the king to win. Accordingly, the steps are as follows:

Step 1: Get the chess board

After finding the board, enough opponents on both sides will proceed to receive the board. On the table the pieces are already arranged.

Step 2: Move the pieces according to the rules to capture the opponent’s flag.

Those who choose white pieces often have the right to go first in online chess. Therefore, many gamers often decide to choose colors by dice. The person receiving the white piece will go first, then black, and so on until the end of the game.

To win quickly, moves are the most important thing. Therefore, you need to learn and gain experience about methods and ways of moving from experts to support the playing process.

Step 3: End the game

The game will end when all the pieces on the table are checkmated, the chess is tied, one side gives up, or time is up, etc. The winner will definitely receive an attractive reward.

Experience playing chess online

Besides learning how to play chess online, you also need to gain experience when betting on this type of game. Specifically:

Understand what online chess is?

Chess is a sport that is not easy to play, requiring gamers to have intelligence and logical calculation. However, this will not hinder your success if you are passionate about this game.

To win, members need to understand the nature of the game, clearly understand what kind of game it is, and how to compete. At the same time, study techniques and playing experience from experts.

Update chess news regularly

When organized, major chess tournaments in the world will appear in many media and newspapers. Therefore, you should follow this news to understand the time it takes place and follow the match. This is a way for you to accumulate more lessons and good playing methods.
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Take bets from the bookmaker

Depending on each betting subject, the house will offer different bets. Same with online chess, odds and odds will be updated regularly by the website so you need to follow it to get important information. In particular, you need to understand how the house opens the odds to easily place bets.

Online chess is a very interesting game, being chosen by many gamers. To have the best experience, you should go to a reputable, safe address like New88. At the same time, don’t forget to learn and research carefully how to play to achieve the highest efficiency.

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