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Imagine that you can bet in https://parimatch.in/en/page/cricket-t20-blast on the number of goals scored in a given game. Many bettors do this to make the most profit, and it is also quite a lucrative bet for bookies. But we do not think that it is easy for all bookmakers in the world to place such bets. So let’s analyze how profitable they are. If, in addition, we register more than 8,000,000 bets on the most popular, top match in the system every month, then we can receive millions of dollars for this program and operate almost everywhere.

With this program, we can also bet on other games on the football market, such as boxing. These special bets that we may place must include potentially high odds on the best and worst sides of the game. And if we are registered at the World Cup as a betting service, we will be able to bet not only on participation in competitions. But also on the outcome, on events that are critical for this championship, such as injuries and the like.

Strategy options

First half betting strategy

According to statistics, fewer goals are scored in the first half than in the second. Therefore, it may not be clear why bet on the first half. The secret is in the coefficient, which will be 0.5 higher. For bets, they choose games in which teams attack aggressively, score a lot and concede a lot. A bet is made when the coefficient reaches 1.7, and preferably 2. In this case, you can bet on TB 0.5. This is done in live towards the end of the half. Before the start of the match, the performance coefficient is at the level of 1.2-1.5, but increases as the game progresses.

Statistically, calculations show that in this case there are 4 losses for 5 victories, which can be considered an advantageous ratio.

2nd period

In the second period of hockey matches, 15-20% more goals are scored than in the first, but the odds are also lower. Experts recommend betting on the performance of the 2nd and 3rd segments of the match. The priority is the game of clear favorites with outsiders – a high total is expected.

In the first period, the weak team will actively defend, while the favorites do not rush things and prefer to study the opponent. If the difference in the game of the opponents is significant, you can bet on the total in the second period over 2.5 and win at a relatively high odds.

For example, in a match between Toronto Marlies and Texas Stars on TB 2.5, the bookmaker offers odds of 1.9. By betting $100, you can win $190.

The essence of the fixed interest strategy from the bank

One of the simplest methods for determining the rate, it helps to correctly manage the available bank and reduces the possibility of losing to a minimum. The essence of the method is to always set a given percentage of funds, regardless of the outcome of the previous transaction.

After each bet, the bank is recalculated, and the amount changes accordingly. Since you do not want to lose large amounts, beginners are advised to choose no more than 3%, experienced players can increase the bet to 5%. A higher indicator is associated with a high risk of losing quickly.

Express football betting strategy

Method – a kind of multi-bets, when you make several predictions at the same time. An important condition is that all bets must play, otherwise the entire express goes at a loss. It may seem that long compositions with cosmic odds will be effective, but in practice the best results are shown by accumulators from 2-3 events.

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