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Here’s a fun little question. What color is a yield sign? When I ask this question in my seminars I always hear the audience call out, “Yellow.” But many years ago the United States adopted the International Signage Standards, and the yield signs you and I have seen for all these years are not yellow. They are red and white! I have a hunch you might be thinking something along the lines of, “Well, maybe they’re red and white out there in Asheville, North Carolina, where you live, Brian. But not here!” That’s exactly what I thought when I was in the audience at a seminar and was asked the question the first time.

My answer was an immediate, Duh yellow But, son of gun, by the time I finished that seminar that day they managed to change every single yield sign I’ve seen ever since! The truth is, we’ve seen thousands of yield signs. We very likely see the same yield signs almost every day when we drive our standard routes to work or school.

And yet we haven’t seen one of them for what’s really there. Why? 2 THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO NETWORK MARKETING The truth is we rarely use our vision to see! Instead we use our memory and our conditioning. The challenge is, when we use our memory to see, we don’t see what’s here now. We see the past. Now, I hope you’ll chuckle as I do every time I see a yield sign. But there are far more important areas in which to apply this understanding and use our present vision.

Where does it really matter to awaken our true vision, and no longer depend on our memory to see? I believe it’s with people! Here’s an example very close to my heart. My daughter Kelsey is 17 years old and drives her own car. The responsibility of driving has helped her feel more independent, confident, and mature. Yet every so often I treat her like an old yellow yield sign and look at her as if she’s still 15. Every time I do, our relationship takes a step backwards and needs rebuilding.


You’ve undoubtedly heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over, and over, and over again—and expecting a different result! Yet how often does that silly definition perfectly describe our actions and choices? What habits do we continue to follow though the results they create are not only ineffective, but even painful, damaging, and self-defeating?

The more closely you look at this principle if it’s not working, try something different the clearer it becomes that truly living its lesson provides a powerful WOO to ignite momentum where there once was stagnation, to transform adversity into exciting possibilities of benefit. You need look no further than the light that’s illuminating the room you’re in right now as you read this book (unless you’re outside on a sunny day) for shining proof of the power of this simple principle.

The genius who developed the electric light, Thomas Edison, was the king of “if it’s not working, try something different.” Edison was the Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Wayne Gretzky of innovation all rolled into one, with more than a thousand inventions and patents, more than any other individual in history

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A great strategy for building an unbeatable team is to become a world-class buddy thanker. When you live with an attitude of gratitude, it becomes 4 THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO NETWORK MARKETING natural to catch others doing things right. But let me ask you an eyeopening question. Who are the people in our lives we tend to forget to thank the most? I’ve asked this question in every seminar I’ve ever taught, and have always heard similar responses.

The people we most often forget to thank are those to whom we are the closest—our spouse, children, parents, or the people we work beside every day. When triggered by the question, we see how easily we can fall into the habit of taking the people we love most for granted. We can rationalize that we don’t need to tell the prized people in our lives how we feel about them because they should already know, but the end result of neglect is decay and diminution. The more we fall into the habit of taking others for granted and withholding our appreciation, the more disconnected we become from the countless blessings in our lives

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