Why Are Brain Breaks Important For The Students

Brain Break in simple words is giving a short break to the brain usually five to twenty minutes. They are used by the teachers in a traditional learning environment. However, with learning moving online, it can also be used in an online teaching environment. 

These brain breaks can be tricked into the course or can be completely unrelated to the course. They can take place in any size venue, both indoors and out. Brain breaks have a lot of positive effects such as increased productivity, concentration, ability to learn new social skills, and brain function.

Importance Of Brain Breaks

Even though the concept of brain break has been around for years now, it is only recently that teachers across the world have started realising its benefits. These brain breaks give schools the opportunity to promote the physical and mental health of the students and create a positive learning environment. The main purpose of brain breaks is, however, to help students have a smooth transition from one activity to another without having the pressure of burnout.

Here are some of the reasons why brain breaks are essential and why all the teachers, irrespective of whether they teach online or in a brick and mortar classroom, should incorporate them into their daily teaching routine:

  • It Energizes The Students To Paying Attention In Classroom

Focusing on a subject necessitates some mental effort. When the lectures are of longer duration, students gradually start losing focus and become less attentive. It is, therefore, necessary for the teachers to give breaks required to the students between longer lectures so that they replenish their attention and can focus more in the class.

  • It Increases Student Engagement 

According to studies, regular brain breaks enhance cognitive functioning and help students retain focus for academic work. Although this brain breaks only take a few minutes in the classroom, the benefits of enhanced engagement and cognitive functioning have been found to dramatically improve school achievement. According to research, students who took regular brain breaks performed better in core subjects. 

Furthermore, it also helps students to remain motivated towards learning and maintain a consistent or improved learning curve.

  • It Improves Learning 

Gulping all the information all at once benefits none. Instead, teachers should break the information into smaller chunks planned with mental breaks so that it helps the students learn concepts faster and easier. It is known as the “spacing effect.” When information is spaced between short breaks, students grasp and retain the concept faster.

  • It Promotes Social Skills 

The entire class is involved when you incorporate brain breaks. During such breaks, you can play games or make students interact with each other in some way or the other, mainly in group activities so that they participate in fun activities together either playing in duets or groups as instructed by you. These activities allow students to collaborate with one another. This means you are assisting in the development of social skills and learners to learn more socially.

  • It Enhances Creativity 

Breaks help the mind relax thus giving a break to the students from monotonous learning. This helps in promoting understanding and creativity in the students. When students are given time to think, they turn up with better ideas. 

Final Thoughts 

Brain breaks are necessary for students to rejuvenate, replenish and relax their minds, irrespective of their age groups. It not only helps students but also teachers as they can also take a break from teaching continuously. 

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