The five questions of the Nomad we Interrupt us test

#1: What specific thing will you accomplish during this test?

Pick a specific work-related thing you’ll get done during this test. Make this as specific as possible. Do you want to set up a website for a business, do some market research, or start offering a service during this test? Are you testing your ability to do remote work with your employer, get new clients of your own, or something else altogether?

#2: How much time can you spare?

Anywhere from a week to a month is fair game — base the length on how much time and money you’re able to dedicate to this test. Maybe you’ve arranged to take the test as a remote worker for your company, or maybe you’re taking this test while you’re on vacation. Either is fair game.

However long you have, the goal is the same: to disconnect from your ‘normal life’ (as best as possible!) and approach the lifestyle with as clean a slate as possible. Break from your usual routine. Get up later (or earlier), work a different schedule, explore a new area, and experience something new.

#3: How will you disconnect from your normal life?

Start with your desires and needs — a test like this is your chance to try almost anything. Of course, your needs (and the needs of your traveling companions) will have to be considered. If you have work commitments, they must be given priority as well.

#4: Where should the test be held?

As said before, you don’t have to go to another country for this test. At the very least, aim for a city in a different state or province that’s also significantly different from where you live. Whether it’s larger or more rural is up to you; just try to make it as different as you can.

#5: How will you pay for the test?

Whether its savings or money made working, the money’s got to come from somewhere. Do not assume you will make any money from new businesses during this test, or that any money earned from new businesses will be received during your test. In other words, make sure you have a financial safety net. However, part of this test is so that you can find out how you will support yourself if you decide to do the real thing.

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