What is Selling Degree? How Does Selling Affect Civilized Football?

Concept What is selling? shared a lot because this is an ugly behavior in football and is prohibited by law. Dealer New88 will help people understand more accurately what is match-fixing, whether they will go to jail or not, and why you should not bet on football.

What is matchmaking in football?

Fixing in soccer is an illegal act in which people directly intervene to change the outcome of the match. Normally, this act of match-fixing will be done by coaches, players, and people who have the ability to interfere with the progress and results of that match.

Specifically, what can the relevant people control over matchmaking? For example: score, penalty card, scoring or some other factor in the match. Thus, the results of the match are no longer guaranteed to be accurate.

Why does selling out appear?

There are many reasons leading to the appearance of match-fixing in football. A typical example is when online betting forms appear. Betting allows individuals or organizations to profit by betting on the outcome they have intervened in. Therefore, people will learn what selling is, find the selling line and often find ways to perform this act.

In addition, the appearance of match-fixing can also be due to financial pressure, fierce competition and participation in a weak legal regime within a football team. Some players, coaches or managers have been influenced by financial factors, sinking deeply into the desire for money and forgetting the element of fairness in matches.

Is matchmaking prohibited?

The concept of match-fixing has confirmed that this is an illegal practice and is prohibited in most countries around the world. Football organizations such as FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) and UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) have very strict rules and regulations to prevent and punish match-fixing in football.

No matter who participates in match-fixing, they will likely be severely punished. According to football laws in every country, selling official matches is a violation of the law.

Selling and the risk of going to jail

Matchmaking is a crime and is considered a violation of the law in most countries. The laws of all countries clearly explain what selling is and the regulations prohibit transparency.

In some serious cases, such as when match-fixing is large-scale or causes great harm to football and society, individuals can be sentenced to prison. Prison sentences for crimes related to prostitution can range from a few years to many years in prison.

In addition to imprisonment, participants in match-fixing may also face other penalties such as paying fines and being banned from participating in football activities. Even being stripped of the right to compete, or subject to administrative and judicial handling depending on the regulations of each country.

Particularly in Vietnam, the act of fixing has happened quite a few times and is always handled very strictly. The participants must face very high sentences and lose their future and career.

Famous match-fixing events in Vietnam

In Vietnam, as well as many other countries around the world, match-fixing in football is a serious problem and has caused a lot of attention and criticism. Below are some famous cases of match-fixing in Vietnam:

  • Nguyen Hai Dang’s racketeering case (2005): Nguyen Hai Dang, a player of Dong Tam Long An Club, was arrested and sentenced for allegedly participating in a large racketeering incident at the V-League football tournament. This case caused a stir in public opinion and was one of the first match-fixing scandals in Vietnam.
  • Trinh Xuan Thanh’s match-fixing case (2014): Trinh Xuan Thanh, a former player and coach of Vissai Ninh Binh Club, was sentenced to prison for match-fixing. He confessed to interfering in the results of V-League matches for personal gain.
  • Nguyen Minh Hung’s match-fixing case (2018): Nguyen Minh Hung, a former Vietnamese team player, was arrested and sentenced for his involvement in the match-fixing case. He is said to have interfered in the results of several matches in the Vietnamese first division football tournament.

Incidents in Vietnam have caused discontent in the soccer community. That forces football management organizations as well as the government to take measures to prevent and punish match-fixing acts in sports. The government and management organizations have strengthened supervision, implemented preventive measures and introduced strict regulations to protect the fairness and honor of football in Vietnam.
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What is the reason not to sell match?

You now understand what selling is and how it works. Matchmaking in football is condemned because it violates the ethics and basic principles of sports. Below are some reasons why match-fixing is condemned:

Loss of fairness

What is the impact of fairness when there is an act of fixing? Matching destroys fairness in soccer matches. The result of a match should depend on the actual competition, the talent of the players and the tactics of the teams, not on the intervention of those involved in betting. Changing the result of a match by interfering is not only a violation of football rules, but also hurts fans’ trust and fairness in the football community.

Influence on the development of football

Fixing has a negative impact on the development of football. When participants interfere in match results, this affects not only fairness but also the professional development of players and the football system as a whole. From the definition of match-fixing, everyone can see that if that behavior happens over and over again, the football industry will not be able to develop.

Potential risks and social impacts

What are the consequences of selling match? Matchmaking creates a series of risks and negative social impacts. That mistake opens the door to criminal behavior and illegal activities, from money laundering to organized crime. In addition, it also damages the image and reputation of players, clubs and the whole country in the eyes of the international community.

Violating the law

Participating in matchmaking puts you at risk of going to jail and facing very heavy penalties. Regardless of whether a player or someone organizes or participates in soccer betting, there are no good results, affecting the bright future ahead.


You have just joined the dealer New88 learn about What is selling?, the “ugly” consequences of this behavior. Hopefully, through this article, people will have a better view of football and be aware that match-fixing is bad and not advisable in order to keep the king’s sport always fair and develop in the right way. its meaning.

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