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LED Lights For Your Laying Hens

Do you know how to improve egg production and quality on your farm? One option is to use LED lights for laying hens. This will help you save money and provide your hens with enough light.

What is a LED light?

LED lights are becoming more popular for laying hens due to their low energy consumption and long lifespan. LEDs emit a very small amount of heat, which is helpful for hens that have trouble keeping cool. LED lights also have a longer lifespan than traditional light bulbs, so you will not need to replace them as often.

Purpose of LED lights

There are a few different purposes for LED lights in the laying hen industry. One is to provide supplemental light during dusk and dawn so that hens can get enough food. LED lights also help to keep hens warm in cold weather, as they emit little heat. Finally, LED lights are great for managing coccidiosis, as they emit a wavelength that parasitic protozoa find unpalatable.

The purpose of LED lights for your laying hens is to provide a clean, bright light that will encourage egg production. This type of light also mimics natural sunlight, which can help improve mood and energy levels in your hens.


Laying hens require a lot of lighting, both during the day and at night. If you’re looking for ways to light up your coop or hen house, be sure to check out our selection of LED lights for laying hens. Hontech Wins’ lights are affordable, energy-efficient, and perfect for use in both indoor and outdoor settings.

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