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DongCheng Tools: A Reliable Power Tool Supplier

DongCheng Tools is one of the leading professional power tools manufacturers in China. DongCheng Tools is a reliable supplier of high-quality power tools. They focus on innovative design and superior quality, to make power tools accessible to people at all levels of income.

Why Choose DongCheng Tools

The featured brushless motor 20V MAX platform products integrated with the synergy of power, high performance, and ergonomics draw more attention and thoughtful discussion. DongCheng Tools introduced 90+ professional power tools and demonstrated the benefits and innovation of our cordless systems, such as the 12V MAX SYSTEM and 20V MAX SYSTEM. In addition, DongCheng Tools showcased their renowned corded professional power tools, particularly their heavy-duty tools that can constantly give the strong and reliable performance to fulfill upgrade requirements.

Jiangsu DongCheng M&E Tools Co., Ltd., a well-known manufacturer of professional power tools in China and a significant player on the international scene, was established in 1995. DongCheng Tools brand enjoys great trust from professional users due to our sales network covering 60+ countries/regions, superior product performance, and solid market reputation. Products from DongCheng Tools are widely employed in a variety of industries, including shipbuilding, water engineering, stone processing, home furnishings, and architectural ornamentation.


To produce durable power equipment, DongCheng Tools, a leading manufacturer of professional power tools, is dedicated to innovation and continual improvement. DongCheng Tools has over 27 years of experience in designing and producing corded and cordless power tools and has developed several integrated power tool manufacturing systems, including the 20V MAX SYSTEM, the 12V MAX SYSTEM, and CORDED POWER TOOLS.

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