How much to eat? Easy way to play for beginners

For those who are new to the lottery, it is important to understand how to bet how much to eat and calculating the probability of winning is important. In the betting market, betting on specific numbers can bring a lot of income if you know how to play. This article Nhà Cái Hi88 will help you learn how to bet effectively to increase your chances of winning.

Concept of lottery

Everyone, let’s better understand the concepts before looking to see how much the lottery will win.

What is betting?

Simply, players will predict the last two numbers in the special prize of SXMB. For example, today you bet on number 23 with the amount of 10,000 VND. According to the evening lottery results, you have won number 55523.

You will receive 700,000 VND if you bet 10,000 VND because the normal lottery winning rate is 1 to 70. Although the winning rate may be higher or lower in some cases, the calculation method is still the same. follow this structure.

What is lottery?

Normally, lottery results are divided into 8 prizes, including special prizes, with a total of 27 numbers. Playing the lottery is predicting the last 2 numbers in any one of the 27 numbers listed above.

If you bet 1 thousand, how much will you win?

The amount of money you can win when betting with a bet of 1 thousand depends on the payout rate at the bookmaker or specific lottery organization. Usually, the winning value will be calculated based on the payout rate and the amount you bet on the winning number.

Follow the topic for 3 consecutive days

When starting to play lottery, keeping track of the number pairs that appear for 3 consecutive days is a wise method. This way, you can determine the frequent occurrence of a certain pair of numbers. For example, if the numbers 23 and 45 appear continuously for 3 days, the chance of them appearing again the next day is very high. This helps you identify the repetition of an important figure, thereby increasing your chances of winning the lottery.

Tracking test results for 3 consecutive days also helps youn Identify changes and trends in pairs of numbers. Grasping this information will help you have an overview of how the results change each day.

Look at aggregate demand

Total demand is an important tool to help you predict the results accurately. This is a calculation method based on analyzing data that appears over a long period of time. When looking at aggregate demand, you will see the distribution of pairs of numbers and their frequency. This way, you can determine the hotness of the number pairs and the chances of them appearing in the following days.

Total demand also helps you identify numbers that rarely appear and from there build your own betting strategy. This is important when you want to create numbers that have a high chance of winning.

Bet on prize 3

One of the most popular and effective ways to play the lottery is to bet on prize number 3. This is a way of playing where the player chooses 3 numbers and places them on prize number 3. This helps increase the chance of winning and at the same time minimize the risk. .

When choosing numbers, you need to consider their appearance in recent days. If there is a repetition, especially in the 3rd prize, that number is highly likely to appear in the near future. This helps you optimize your chances of winning and increase your odds of winning big.

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Outline of questions in prize 5

Another strategy that you can apply is to bet on prize number 5. This is a way of playing where you choose multiple numbers and bet on prize number 5. This helps increase your chances of winning with lower odds than with the selection of 3rd prize.

Choosing a set of numbers requires you to carefully calculate and analyze the trends of the numbers. You need to choose numbers that have a high likelihood of appearing recently and combine them into a set of numbers with a high chance of winning. This requires meticulousness and patience, but offers the opportunity to win big if you play correctly.

How much can Northern Lottery 1 win?

When playing Northern lottery 1 win, players will choose a number from 00 to 99 and bet the desired amount. After that, the results will be determined based on the results of the lottery. If the number you choose matches the winning number, you will receive a certain bonus according to the specified rate.

The bonus for winning the Northern lottery 1 win will depend on the bet amount and bonus rate according to regulations. Normally, a fixed reward ratio is applied to each win, for example 70:1. This means that if you bet 10,000 VND and win the Northern lottery 1, you will receive 700,000 VND.


How much to eat? along with easy-to-win lottery methods for new lottery players. To have a high chance of winning, you need to focus on tracking the numbers, looking at the total and choosing the right betting strategy. Hopefully the above information will help you have an overview of how to play the lottery and optimize your chances of winning.

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