Forest Cities Is the Future of Real Estate in Malaysia

The Iskandar Special Economic Zone in Johor, Malaysia, is home to the futuristic city of Forest City Enterprises. This project of four artificial islands, covering 30 square kilometres, was a joint effort between the Country Garden Corporation and Esplanade Danga 88 Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of the government of Malaysia.

Ecologically Sound, High-Tech City

Forest City Enterprises’ goal is to build a sustainable community where people may live and work in harmony with nature while still benefiting from the latest innovations in technology. This new development makes right now the ideal time to become involved. The four seasons in the city are relatively comfortable. It’s a great place to go sunning, swimming, or just take a stroll because there are so many beautiful parks and very little traffic. Modern technology makes possible the city’s diverse culinary, leisure, occupational, and recreational offerings.

Possibilities in Real Estate

Rare real estate opportunities like Forest City Enterprises in Malaysia are hard to come by. Forest City is a great place to buy a home or invest in real estate because of the unique smart island experience it provides. There will soon be 6,500 residents living in the community’s nearly 9,000 brand-new dwellings. Buyers in Malaysia shouldn’t go any further than this project, which will provide homes for 700,000.

Experiencing an Island in the Digital Age

The Forest Life App provides easy access to Forest City’s many community features. Canbot, Malaysia’s first smart robot service community, provides multilingual support and welcoming instructions, while Readlife, Malaysia’s first cloud-based community digital library, provides entertainment. Invisible electric fencing and biometrically enabled smart doors and elevators are just two examples of the cutting-edge technology used to keep city residents safe. With the Forest Life app, you may gain access to a video intercom, unlock doors, set off alarms, and see live feeds of the community areas, all from your smartphone.


One of our most cutting-edge and interesting projects will be Forest City Enterprises. Forest City is a great place to put your money in Malaysia because of its modern buildings, green infrastructure, and diverse population. Forest City is an excellent option for anyone looking to plant roots or make a real estate investment.

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