Metal Camlock Valve Provides Convenience

Camlock valves are the most recent and cutting-edge development to hit the market, and Union Metal is the market leader in the valve sector. These innovative valves are designed to give the manufacturing facility more control and convenience. Use Camlock valves, which allow you to control the water flow (continuous ring) and remove the barrier as needed.

Quick Guide to Camlock Valves

Union Metal is the industry leader in supplying the Camlock valve used in industrial applications. A cam lock valve is a type of valve that closes by locking it in place with a cam. As a result, they are fairly common and simple to use, contributing to their popularity among industrial users. The metal camlock valve is made of strong materials designed to last many years. They provide users with a high level of control and convenience, and their modular design allows them to be tailored to the needs of individual users.

Common Applications for Camlock Fittings

Camlock valves are used in various industries, including manufacturing, the oil and natural gas industry, water treatment, and food processing. They are typically used in high-pressure and high-temperature situations, and their compact designs make them especially well-suited for use in confined spaces. Turning the handle opens or closes the cam valve, making it an excellent choice for applications that require a quick response.


Camlock valves are an effective means of controlling or monitoring the flow of fluid or air. They are also simple to use, making them an excellent choice for any manufacturing facility operator. If you are interested in purchasing these valves, please get in touch with Union Metal.

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