What is a 1 goal handicap? Tips for playing at New88 for high winning rates

What is the 1-goal handicap that so many people are interested in? In essence, this type of bet appears when the upcoming match has the upper team handicapping the lower team by 1 goal.

What is a 1 goal handicap?

This is a type of bet that many people love and want to make a huge amount of money. Please take a look at the following table to know what a 1-goal handicap is:

Criteria Detail

✅ Concept

●       The 1-goal handicap is very popular in bookmaker New88. This type of bet is used for the purpose of bringing balance in a match where the two participating teams have different qualifications and chances of winning.

●       At that time, the bookmaker makes comments about the upcoming or ongoing match. At the same time, determine the strength of each team through specialized methods. At this time, the team that is highly rated and superior will handicap the underdog team by 1 goal.

●       Therefore, for the upper team to win, there must be a difference of 2 goals or more.

●       Currently, the 1-goal handicap often appears on the New88 odds table. Accordingly, many brothers choose it because of its high possibility of winning. Specifically, the handicapped team always has statistics up to 70%.

●       Handicap has only 2 options for the home or away team to win and the odds are 50:50. However, you have the advantage that if the ticket is a tie, you will immediately receive 100% of the money from the house.

✅ Answers to how to calculate a 1-goal handicap?

When a player chooses the 1-goal handicap, 3 specific cases will occur as follows:

●       If you choose the upper bet and win with a difference of 2 goals or more, you will win.

●       In case the underdog team draws or wins, you bet on the underdog and win a prize.

●       If the upper team is only 1 more than the lower team or equal, the two bets are tied.

In addition, the 1 goal handicap also has larger bets including 1 and a half goals handicap, Over/Under handicap 1-1.5. Just knowing how to calculate is not enough. If you want to improve your victory, you should learn from experienced experts.

At the same time, players should pay attention to carefully allocate capital and predict correctly. From there, you are sure to win and get rich soon at New88.

✅ In case there is a handicap of 1 goal

The 1-goal handicap appears in a match where there is a large difference between the two teams. Therefore, matches of this form are easily found in cases such as:

●       The match belongs to the qualifying framework of major tournaments such as World Cup, Euro… Strong teams are randomly placed with weak teams, especially between Korea and Brazil in the recent 2022 World Cup.

●       In case in a match there are teams with high and low positions in the rankings, but the lower team plays at home, the handicap system is 1. If it takes place at an away or neutral field, the handicap coefficient is 2.

●       Ranking match or ticket to the important qualifying round. Strong and weak teams will compete together, so applying a 1-goal handicap is very feasible and reasonable.

Tips for 1-ball handicap betting at New88 with high winning rate

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To Join the 1-goal handicap at New88 If you win big, you must not make mistakes that lead to nothing. Therefore, please refer to some notes below. These things are really very useful and players should not take them lightly. Because there are many friends who are far from shore and cannot be saved. Specifically:

  • Because this type of betting happens in a match where the strength gap between the two teams is quite large. At the same time, the upper team has home field advantage and the rankings position is far away from the lower team. So, please bet on the above team.
  • Where the upper team’s attacking ability has peaked in the last few matches and the lower team’s defense is weak. At this time, the player should choose the above team.
  • If the team at the bottom of the table has home field advantage, is in good form, and has a stable and solid defense, then choose the bottom.
  • In case the home team is weak but in good form, especially with a strong defense, choose the underdog.
  • During the match, if the handicap team scores the first goal and the win rate suddenly decreases, you should consider the lower team.
  • If the lower team plays strongly and fiercely but the odds drop sharply, you should consider choosing the lower team.
  • Before you start, keep an eye on the odds fluctuations. If it’s close to game time, the upper team’s handicap drops to ¾, so bet on the under.


In general, when understanding what a 1-shot handicap is and having good catching skills, players should confidently participate in battle and receive rewards.

Hopefully the above sharing will help you know what a 1-goal handicap is. Don’t forget to follow blog

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