Advantages of soccer betting using phone scratch cards

To participate in betting at bookies, you need to have money in your account. You have many methods to make deposits and withdrawals such as: deposit directly through the bank, through e-wallets, ATM cards, internet Banking… However, the disadvantage of these methods is that players have to spend Lots of time spent moving, causing disruption to the gaming experience.
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In order to make it easier for bettors to deposit money into their accounts, the house has introduced a new method: betting by phone card. Simply buy a phone card, insert the card number and use it similar to recharging your phone. When you deposit money from your phone card into your online betting account, that amount will be converted into the corresponding value.

What are the advantages of betting on soccer with phone scratch cards?

Expert ofHii8 has provided detailed information about the advantages of betting on football with phone scratch cards as follows:


Phone scratch cards are a very convenient thing in life, and today they have become popular everywhere. Buying cards also becomes simple, can be done anywhere and anytime. With the development of technology, you do not need to go out and search in stores, but can buy phone cards through an application connected to your bank account.

Understanding this, today’s bookmakers have also grasped the needs of customers and allow players to deposit money with phone cards. Top-up transactions via phone cards are done quickly, usually completed right after you enter the card number and serial number of the scratch card.

Minimize as many incidents as possible

Football betting with phone scratch cards will help you minimize problems that may occur during money transactions. Especially when transferring money through banks, you will have to face complicated and time-consuming procedures. Furthermore, banks often only operate during business hours, requiring you to come during their business hours.

Many promotional programs when betting on soccer with scratch cards

Currently, to encourage the use of this method, bookmakers often organize big promotions for players who use phone scratch cards to deposit money. This allows players to convert virtual money into real money through phone scratch cards.

High information security

To avoid the risk of revealing bank or personal information, soccer betting using phone scratch cards in transactions meets the security needs of players. This is a safe payment method, helping to reduce concerns about legal issues.

Instructions on how to bet on soccer via phone scratch cards

Below are specific steps to participate in soccer betting using phone scratch cards:

Step 1: Visit the game portal homepage

First of all, you access the homepage of the reputable bookmaker you have chosen before. Then, log in to your registered account. You select “Money transfer” -> “Phone scratch card”.
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Step 2: Fill in all information

Here, a table of contents will appear, in which you fill in all information according to the instructions on the table. Select the network you are using the scratch card for (Viettel, Vinaphone, Mobiphone,…), then enter the amount you want to top up. Next, enter the card code and serial number of the card into the table.

Step 3: Deposit and complete

After completing the information in the table in step 2, select the “Deposit” option. The process of transferring money to your account using a phone scratch card will be completed. Just wait a few minutes, the dealer will send you a notification confirming the money transfer.

Note: Please carefully check the amount in your account to confirm that it matches the amount you deposited. Remember, when using a phone scratch card to top up, the minimum face value you can top up is 50k and the maximum is 500k.

The above article by New88 has helped you understand the advantages and steps of making soccer betting using phone scratch cards in extreme detail. Don’t forget to share this useful information with your friends and other players!

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