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Versatile and Functional Conference Hall Chairs: Introducing the Leighton Lite L-A01-1 by Leadcom Seating

Leadcom Seating’s Leighton Lite L-A01-1, a fixed lecture hall chair and auditorium seat that offers exceptional flexibility and functionality. This chair stands out for its versatility in different types of stanchions and multiple finishing options, allowing you to customize it to suit your specific needs.

Customizable Design for Enhanced Flexibility

Leadcom Seating understands that each conference hall has unique requirements. The Leighton Lite L-A01-1 offers great flexibility with different types of stanchions, including U shape, T shape, or single pedestal. This customizable design allows you to choose the configuration that best suits your specific needs, ensuring optimal space utilization and accommodating various seating arrangements. Leadcom Seating’s commitment to flexibility ensures that the Leighton Lite L-A01-1 seamlessly integrates into any conference hall environment.

Functional Features for Easy Maintenance

The Leighton Lite L-A01-1 conference hall chair combines functionality with ease of maintenance. The easily open and folded wood writing tablet adds practicality to the seating, providing a space for attendees to take notes or place their belongings. Additionally, the high-impact plastic outerback and seat pan make cleaning and maintenance effortless. The durable materials used in the construction of the chair ensure longevity and make it resistant to wear and tear. Leadcom Seating’s attention to detail simplifies the maintenance process, allowing you to focus on the smooth operation of your conference hall.


Leadcom Seating’s Leighton Lite L-A01-1 conference hall chairs offer versatility, functionality, and ease of maintenance. With customizable design options for different types of stanchions, these chairs can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your conference hall. The easily open and folded wood writing tablet enhances the functionality of the seating arrangement, while the high-impact plastic outerback and seat pan ensure easy cleaning and maintenance.

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