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Maximizing Poultry Lighting for Optimal Productivity

Quality lighting plays a vital role in the success of poultry farming. With the ability to replicate natural sunlight, Hontech-Wins poultry lighting has become an indispensable tool for farmers looking to enhance productivity and increase income.

Color Rendering Index

The Color Rendering Index measures how accurately lighting reproduces colors. A higher CRI ensures that colors appear natural, benefiting poultry sight and overall production. When selecting LED lights for poultry houses and farms, opt for those with a CRI rating of 80 or greater to provide optimal lighting conditions.


Photoperiod, or day length, significantly influences the behavior and growth of broiler chickens and laying hens. Properly adjusting the photoperiod through suitable poultry lighting is crucial for maintaining poultry health and welfare. By aligning the lighting schedule with the specific needs of the poultry, such as immune response and mood regulation, farmers can enhance overall productivity.


Understanding the key aspects of poultry lighting is essential for maximizing its benefits in poultry farming. By focusing on factors such as color rendering index, and appropriate photoperiod, farmers can create an environment that promotes the well-being and productivity of their poultry. Hontech-Wins provides high-quality poultry lighting systems that may boost productivity and profitability in the poultry sector.

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