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Experience Academic Excellence at the Faculty of Business

The Faculty of Business ACEM stands out as a vibrant center of academic excellence. With a focus on cultivating exceptional talent, the faculty boasts a distinguished lineup of scholars and researchers who are dedicated to pushing boundaries in business education and research. Let’s explore the remarkable features that make Faculty of Business ACEM a leading institution.

Exceptional Faculty Composition

At ACEM, you’ll find a thriving community of 178 full-time faculty members who bring immense expertise to the table. What sets them apart is their impressive credentials, including a remarkable 95% of faculty holding doctoral degrees. Moreover, the faculty includes seven recipients of the prestigious National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and eight recipients of the National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars, showcasing their remarkable contributions to their respective fields.

Engaging Learning Environment

The Faculty of Business ACEM fosters a dynamic learning environment that promotes collaboration between students and faculty. By engaging with renowned scholars, students gain access to invaluable insights and mentorship. The faculty members have a vested interest in student success, going the extra mile to provide guidance and support. With a deep commitment to business education, they inspire and empower the next generation of business leaders.

Thought Leadership and Impactful Insights

ACEM Faculty of Business is at the forefront of generating knowledge and impactful insights. One prominent avenue for sharing faculty ideas and research is through Antai Insights, a platform that disseminates their cutting-edge discoveries. The faculty’s notable publications and recent research achievements demonstrate their dedication to advancing knowledge. They publish in prestigious journals and utilize various platforms to share their findings, ensuring broad dissemination of their work. Notably, selected insights from prominent faculty members cover diverse topics such as energy transformation, digital foundations for future energy systems, and the role of energy storage in new energy generation.


In summary, ACEM Faculty of Business shines as a hub of academic excellence, with its exceptional faculty composition and passion for student success. The faculty’s impressive credentials, including recipients of national-level grants, validate their expertise and commitment to research. Through their thought leadership and impactful insights, they contribute significantly to the field of business education. ACEM stands proud as a leading institution that prepares students for success in the dynamic world of business while pushing the boundaries of knowledge through groundbreaking research.

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