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Choosing Demi as Your Trusted Meat Absorbent Pad Manufacturer

When it comes to finding a reliable meat absorbent pad manufacturer, look no further than Demi Co, Ltd. With over 20 years of experience in research and development, Demi has established itself as a pioneer in water absorption technology innovation. Their commitment to quality, competitive pricing, and partnerships with renowned brand customers worldwide make them the ideal choice for your meat absorbent pad needs.

Superior Quality and Performance

Demi takes pride in offering absorbent products of superior quality and performance. Their absorbent pads are made from 100% food-friendly materials, designed to efficiently absorb excess liquid and keep food fresh. The soft and spongy protection design minimizes sweating and bruising, thus extending the expiration date of the meat products. With Demi’s meat absorbent pads, you can ensure the highest level of food safety and quality for your customers.

Customization Options for Specific Requirements

Demi understands that different meat products may have specific requirements when it comes to absorbent pads. That’s why they offer customization options to meet your unique needs. Whether it’s size, absorbency level, or design, Demi can tailor their absorbent pads accordingly. By choosing Demi as your meat absorbent pad manufacturer, you can have confidence in receiving products that align perfectly with your specific requirements.

Certifications and Compliance for Food Safety Standards

When it comes to food safety, Demi leaves no room for compromise. Their absorbent pads comply with stringent food safety standards and have obtained relevant certifications. With Demi’s products, you can trust that your meat products are packaged using absorbent pads that meet the highest industry standards for hygiene and quality.


Demi Co, Ltd. stands out as a trusted meat absorbent pad manufacturer. With their dedication to quality, competitive pricing, and expertise in water absorption technology, Demi has earned the recognition of famous brand customers worldwide. Their customization options and commitment to food safety standards make them the perfect partner for your meat packaging needs. Choose Demi as your meat absorbent pad manufacturer and ensure freshness, quality, and customer satisfaction in every package.

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