Why Not Count Capsules Manually?

Bulk counting is easiest using capsule counters. Manual counting errors waste time and money. Capsule counting machines are efficient, accurate.

Capsule Counting Machine

The capsule counting machine counts a batch. With its unique characteristics, such as minimal manual operation, the counting machine can handle huge batches effortlessly and effectively. This facilitates correct medication manufacture and shipment.

How Does It Work?

Business needs a capsule counter. So let’s discover how the tablet counting machine works.

Manually or mechanically (optional), product (A) is placed into two hoppers (B) and fed onto two sets of three-grade vibratory plates (C).

By altering the vibratory plates’ frequency, items may flow through 32 channels in a single stream.

At the end of channels, items fall into 32 detection tunnels (D), where sensors and a control system tally them.

Count items on the nozzle gate (H). When the preset count is achieved, the tunnel gate (F) shuts, and the nozzle gate (H) opens, allowing the counted goods to drop into the bottle through the nozzle (I).

After filling, the nozzle gate (H) shuts, and the tunnel gate (F) opens. Bottle placement cylinders release the full bottle and position the next empty bottle beneath the nozzle.

Tips For Capsule Counting Machine

Capsule counting machine count pills swiftly and precisely. Here are some pointers for using your machine effectively:

Make sure capsules are well packed; otherwise, the machine won’t count them correctly.

Place capsules in a single layer on the counting surface to improve accuracy.

Overfilling might cause the machine to malfunction.

Always clean the counting chamber and surfaces to avoid contamination.


A capsule counting machine may enhance accuracy and efficiency in your pharmaceutical firm. If you’re trying to simplify your operations and use your time better, consider investing in a capsule-counting machine from Pharmapack. It’s more exact and eliminates human error, which may lead to expensive blunders.

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