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What Light Strips Are Suitable For The Home?

The application range inside the lamp is decorated in the family is very common, but what position should the lamp be installed in the home specifically? A lot of people are a little confused. The led light strip used well can greatly increase the three-dimensional sense of the house and can also assist in the lighting of the house.

Where is more suitable for installing an led strip lighting ?

Living room: Led lamp line along the ceiling condole top curve around, transparent light refraction comes out collocation open space can make whole sitting room more bright. Installing led lights in the groove of the TV background wall can strengthen the three-dimensional sense of space; even simple lines can also show other dynamic beauty.

Stairs: The layout of led light strips at the stairs is very clever, or the ground below the steps is hollowed out in a narrow and long way, and the led light strips are placed in it to meet the lighting needs of the real stairs. The led light strip installed under the staircase’s handrail effectively solves the problem of lighting the stairwell in the dark. It makes the bright space brighter and has the magic of guiding the vision.

Bedroom: Lighting design is like a map to the interior; not only can it make the space look elegant and light and highlight the space level, warm color led light bar design will make the bedroom warmer. Installing led light strips at the head of the bed in the bedroom can not only beautify the bedroom but also act as a night light.

Aisle installation led light strip changed the original monotonous white wall, can show the depth of the space, led light strip itself to assume the lighting function is also very practical, light up small areas do not occupy space.

The kitchen: Although the kitchen is also installed at the top of the headlights, the night cooking will be shaded by the shadow cut vegetable stir-fry is very inconvenient, in the cabinet under the installation of led light as a cabinet light, can save these troubles and increase the warmth of cooking.

Bathroom: The installation of led lights around the bathroom wall is a very fashionable approach, which is simple and beautiful and makes it easier to highlight the personality and style. The led light strip around the bathroom mirror can create an atmosphere and provide basic lighting needs. The led light strip is hidden on the top or around the bathroom mirror, and the light is projected. You no longer need to worry about backlight and polarization.

If you want to know more the best led strip lighting ideas for living room, you can consult Ledia Lighting; we can answer all your questions and create a satisfactory lighting solution for your living room!

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