What Is A Spa Heat Pump and Does It Save Money?

Want to cut spa operating expenses? A heat pump can be exactly what you need to maintain your spa’s temperature year-round for less money. Read the blog below to find the way!

What is a spa heat pump?

Similar to a heat pump you may use in your home, a spa heat pump works to heat (or chill) the water in your spa rather than a room’s air. Swim spas, plunge pools, and even swimming pools can all be heated with heat pumps.

Although they do it far more effectively, these heaters warm the water in about the same amount of time as conventional built-in electric elements. A spa heat pump may also actively chill the water, whereas other spa heating techniques can just heat the water. This is perfect if you want to chill off in your spa or swim spa on a warm summer day.

Does a spa heat pump save your money?

A variety of factors such as the following will affect how much it will cost you to heat your spa using a heat pump:

-Your spa’s or swim spa’s size

-How often do you utilize it?

-Which insulation type do you employ?

-If you cover the device after use?

-The cost of power in your area per unit

The investment outlay is quickly covered by the electricity savings, leaving no net cost.


We hope this blog has assisted you in determining whether or not a spa heat pump is worthwhile. We can provide further information about heat pumps and anything else spa-related. Visit and we’re here to support you in choosing what’s best for you.

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