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Unleash Unmatched Power and Reliability with the IEETek Singo 1000

IEETek, a distinguished leader in energy storage solutions, takes pride in introducing the Singo 1000 Portable Power Station/Solar Generator. This innovative product showcases IEETek’s commitment to excellence and their prowess in developing cutting-edge technology. The Singo 1000 combines remarkable features and advanced engineering to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability in portable power solutions. With its exceptional capabilities, the Singo 1000 is set to revolutionize the way individuals and businesses harness and utilize power.

Unmatched Rapid Recharging

One of the standout features of the IEETek Singo 1000 is its super-fast recharge capability. With the ability to achieve a full 100% recharge in just 1.5 hours, this portable power station ensures minimal downtime and maximizes productivity. Whether it’s for outdoor adventures or emergency backup power, users can rely on the Singo 1000 to quickly restore power and keep their devices running without interruption.

Enhanced Safety and Longevity

IEETek’s dedication to safety is evident in the Singo 1000’s use of LiFePO4 battery technology. This advanced battery type offers enhanced safety and durability compared to traditional options. With a long lifespan and the ability to retain 80% of usable capacity even after 2000 cycles, the Singo 1000 provides a reliable and long-lasting power solution. Users can have peace of mind knowing that their power station is built for longevity and can withstand demanding usage.

Seamless Power Delivery and Device Compatibility

The Singo 1000 boasts IEETek’s SmartDrive technology, ensuring safe and efficient power delivery. With a nominal AC output of 1000W and the capability to handle up to 2000W surges, this power station can effortlessly handle a wide range of devices and appliances. The seamless switching feature of the SmartDrive technology automatically adjusts power delivery when connected appliances exceed the Singo 1000’s capacity, guaranteeing reliable and uninterrupted power without compromising performance.


The IEETek Singo 1000 Portable Power Station/Solar Generator epitomizes the pinnacle of power and reliability. With its unmatched rapid recharging capabilities, enhanced safety features, and seamless power delivery, the Singo 1000 sets a new standard in the portable power industry. Whether it’s for outdoor enthusiasts, homeowners seeking backup power solutions, or professionals working remotely, the Singo 1000 offers unparalleled performance and peace of mind. Trust in the excellence of IEETek and experience the power of the Singo 1000 to unlock a world of possibilities in portable power generation.

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