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Superior Quality and Surface Finish with Weifu Packaging’s BOPP Label Film

When it comes to label applications, Weifu Packaging is a trusted name known for its commitment to quality and innovation. Weifu Packaging’s BOPP Label Film stands out in terms of superior quality and surface finish, making it an excellent choice for various labeling needs. In this article, we will explore the exceptional features of Weifu Packaging’s BOPP Label Film, including its high opacity and compliance with food contact standards.

Excellent Film Surface with High Opacity

Weifu Packaging’s BOPP Label Film offers an outstanding film surface that enhances the visual appeal of labels. The milky white film option provides a vibrant and eye-catching background, making labels stand out on the packaging. With high opacity, the film ensures that the labels maintain their visibility and legibility even on darker or colored surfaces. Moreover, Weifu Packaging’s BOPP Label Film is carefully manufactured to minimize imperfections such as fish eyes or profiles on the film surface, resulting in a smooth and flawless finish.

Food Contact Grade and Compliance

Weifu Packaging understands the importance of food safety in labeling applications. That’s why their BOPP Label Film is designed with a food contact grade in mind. The film fully complies with international food contact standards, ensuring that it is safe for direct contact with food products. By using Weifu Packaging’s BOPP Label Film, businesses can have peace of mind knowing that the labels on their food packaging meet the highest safety and regulatory requirements.


Weifu Packaging’s BOPP Label Film offers superior quality and surface finish for label applications. With its high opacity, the film provides a visually appealing background for labels, while its minimal imperfections ensure a smooth and flawless appearance. Additionally, the film’s compliance with food contact standards underscores Weifu Packaging’s commitment to food safety. By choosing Weifu Packaging’s BOPP Label Film, businesses can enhance the visual impact of their labels while adhering to the highest quality and safety standards.

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