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Revolutionize Cabinet Lighting with Ledia Lighting’s Motion Sensor Rechargeable Lightsaber

Ledia Lighting is thrilled to introduce its latest innovation, the rechargeable motion sensor cabinet light-Lightsaber. Designed to redefine cabinet lighting, this cutting-edge LED light combines advanced functionality, sleek aesthetics, and ultimate convenience, making it a must-have for distributors and agents looking to offer their customers a premium lighting solution.

Contactless Motion Sensor

The Lightsaber A02 boasts both a PIR sensor and a hand-waving sensor, allowing users to activate the light without physical contact. By simply waving a hand, the light effortlessly illuminates, offering a truly touchless experience that enhances convenience and hygiene.

Sleek and Efficient Design

Featuring an edge-lit design and PMMA LGP technology, the Lightsaber A02 provides soft and glare-free lighting, ensuring a pleasant illumination for cabinet spaces. The aluminum housing not only ensures excellent heat dissipation but also extends the lifespan of the LED PCB, making it a durable and reliable choice.

Advanced Motion Sensing

With the integrated PIR sensor, the Lightsaber A02 detects motion, automatically switching on and off as needed. This hands-free feature offers seamless functionality, making it a hassle-free solution for accessing items within cabinets without the need for manual operation.

Brilliant Color Rendering

Ledia Lighting’s Lightsaber A02 delivers exceptional color rendering, with a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) exceeding Ra90. This human-centric feature ensures accurate color representation and contributes to eye protection, creating a visually pleasing and comfortable environment.


Ledia Lighting’s battery powered led motion detector lights-Lightsaber set a new standard for cabinet lighting, offering distributors and agents an innovative and sought-after product. With its contactless motion sensing, sleek design, outstanding color rendering, and convenient rechargeable capabilities, this lightsaber provides the perfect solution for illuminating cabinets in a sophisticated and efficient manner.

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