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Maximize Energy Savings and Schedule Customization with the BN-LINK 7-Day Programmable In-Wall Timer Switch

Introducing the BN-LINK 7-Day Programmable In-Wall Timer Switch, an advanced device designed to optimize energy efficiency and provide personalized scheduling options. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, the BN-LINK on off timer switch offers unparalleled convenience and uninterrupted functionality. In this article, we will explore how this innovative switch helps users achieve energy savings and create customized schedules suited to their unique needs.

Energy Efficiency Made Easy

Set Up to 18 On/Off Programs for Precise Control

The BN-LINK on off timer switch empowers users to schedule their electrical devices with up to 18 On/Off programs. This exceptional flexibility allows for specific time intervals, ensuring precise control over energy consumption. Whether it’s turning off lights during daytime or powering down appliances during idle hours, the BN-LINK timer switch helps users optimize energy usage effortlessly

Personalized Scheduling for Enhanced Convenience

Diverse Scheduling Options for Individualized Needs

The BN-LINK on off timer switch offers unparalleled flexibility in scheduling. Users can choose between selecting individual days or pre-set combination days for programming. This customization option caters to diverse scheduling needs, allowing users to tailor their devices’ operation according to their specific requirements. Whether it’s a different schedule for weekdays and weekends or a unique plan for each day of the week, the BN-LINK timer switch has it covered.

Preserving Settings with Backup Battery and Easy-to-Read Backlit Display

The BN-LINK timer switch is designed to provide uninterrupted functionality. During power outages, the backup battery feature ensures that your programmed settings are preserved, so you don’t have to reprogram everything once the power is restored. Additionally, the easy-to-read backlit display allows users to interact effortlessly with the timer switch, even in dark environments. No more fumbling in the dark to make adjustments or check the settings.


The BN-LINK 7-Day Programmable In-Wall Timer Switch brings energy savings and schedule customization to a new level. With its versatile programming options, precise control over energy consumption, and user-friendly features like the backup battery and backlit display, this on off timer switch offers convenience and efficiency like never before. Upgrade your home automation with the BN-LINK timer switch and experience the benefits of optimized energy usage and personalized scheduling.

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