Instructions on the Most Standard Lottery Prediction Method Today

To be able to get rich, good lottery prediction methods and lottery prediction tips are always necessary for players. To better understand the most standard online lottery prediction methods today, players need to carefully refer to useful information about online lottery prediction methods. Nhà cái New88 Collected in the article below!

100% standard Northern lottery prediction methods

Method of predicting white lottery numbers

If 100 people play lottery every day, about 80 of them will participate white lottery. This shows that this bridge is extremely important. But 1 in 27 prizes broke out. Not to mention that there are double bangs – 3 bangs – 4 bangs… Then the odds of the white player coming back will be smaller. You need to know “catch the Northern Lottery player” to easily have a chance.

In the next part of the article are ways to predict northern lottery and lottery numbers with high standard rates. The white hand lottery will be won when drawn. So the methods in this section will mainly be for odd numbers, also known as white numbers. So to avoid duplication, please read how to predict white lottery numbers right below.

 100% standard northern lottery prediction method

Regularly monitoring xsmb results is very necessary. You will find out which numbers have appeared consecutively for 2 days.

Usually when a lot drops out, it will come out continuously for 2-3 days. So go to the bridge for the lotto you see and play along with the mixed lotto to ensure it will be effective.

In case you see that the lottery and the lottery come back 2 times, the next day whether that lottery comes back or not, you should miss it and look for another lottery number. Lottery amplitude is often not as stable as lotteries in other tournaments.

 Double lottery prediction method

Check double lotteries with mute lottery heads or mute tails

Let’s see if there is a dumb lottery number today. If in the next 3 days you don’t see a double number of that dumb lottery number, raise the double number for the next 3 days.

  • For example: On the second day, the first lot was 7 mute. So let’s see if there’s a 77 coming back in the next 3 days? If 77 does not come back, raise lot 77 for the next 3 days by entering money as part 4 at the end of the article we will analyze. Guaranteed you will have money to bring home.

We found this method of prediction to be applicable to mute tails as well. But the proportion of silent tails will be less. This means that within the first 3 days of our monitoring, the return rate was already there. So to be successful, you will have to wait longer.

Double lottery prediction in prize 7.

In prize 7, if the head and tail are the same, the possibility of a double lottery is very high. For example: prize 7 comes in 4 pairs: 41, 17, 35, 52. In which the tail 1 is 41 and the beginning 1 is 17. So the possibility of double winning the next day is 11 extremely high.

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Some other northern lottery prediction methods

Lottery prediction method according to formula

This calculation is as follows: Suppose 2 days ago the results were AB and CD in which we have: A + B + X = 10 (OR 20); C + D + Y = 20 (OR 20)

Raising XY for the next 3 days, if 3 days don’t come back then rest on the 4th day, if the lottery comes back on Thursday then rest on the 6th day, counting on the 7th day to bet again. But if 5 days don’t see the demand appear then bet. on the 6th day, if the 6th day still does not explode, then take a break on the 7th day, then feed the next 3 days.

In general, the winning rate of this bridge is quite low but the lottery winning rate is quite good

Double lottery prediction method according to dumb head and dumb ass

This way, if you see that the previous day’s lottery number is dumb, you can raise its double lottery number for the next 2-3 days.

If you see a dumb lottery, wait until its first number is dumb and then play its double lottery for the next day.

Basically, this method’s failure rate is not high. Mainly double lotteries, but because the betting odds are only 1 number, we still introduce them to everyone here.

Extremely accurate method of checking diamond-shaped lotteries

The diamond-shaped lot is a very rare lottery, but when it appears, you have up to 90% chance of winning the lot, the remaining 10% is the probability of getting mixed up or missing the lotto, but in general the winning rate is as above. is extremely large.

How to catch: Look at the results table Lottery Every day, if you appear in 3 consecutive prizes with 2 numbers A-B arranged in a diamond shape, then in the next 2 days you should always play the white number BA.

Hopefully, through the article on northern lottery prediction methods above, you will be able to predict northern lottery results with 100% accuracy. Good luck !!!

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