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GTAKE GK610 Compact AC Drive: Advanced Features and Versatile Application Range

GTAKE, a renowned manufacturer specializing in vector drives and motor control systems, introduces the GK610 Compact AC Drive. This cutting-edge vector drive is equipped with advanced features specifically designed to optimize control and performance across a wide range of industrial applications. With an unwavering commitment to engineering excellence and stringent quality control measures, GTAKE ensures that the GK610 Compact AC Drive surpasses industry standards in terms of reliability and efficiency.

Advanced Features Enhancing Control and Performance

The GK610 Compact AC Drive incorporates a range of advanced features that significantly improve motor control and performance. With starting torque up to 180% at 0.25Hz (sensor-less vector control 2) and 150% at 0.5Hz (V/Hz, sensor-less vector control 1), the drive provides exceptional starting capabilities. Its speed adjustable range of 0-50Hz offers a ratio of 1:200 (sensor-less vector control 2) and 1:100 (V/Hz control, sensor-less vector control 1), ensuring precise speed control for various applications.

Versatile Application Range for Enhanced Industrial Processes

The GK610 Compact AC Drive is designed to excel across a wide range of industrial applications. From fans and pumps to conveyor systems and compressors, this drive offers the versatility to meet the demands of diverse industrial processes. The drive’s precise speed and torque control capabilities enable seamless operation, while its high energy efficiency helps reduce overall power consumption.


GTAKE’s GK610 Compact AC Drive stands out as a leading solution for motor control systems. With its advanced features, including precise speed control, exceptional starting torque, and a versatile application range, the GK610 offers superior performance and efficiency. GTAKE’s commitment to engineering excellence and quality control ensures that their customers receive reliable and high-quality products. Experience the power of the GK610 Compact AC Drive and take your industrial processes to new heights of control and performance. Contact GTAKE today for more information on their AC variable frequency drive solutions.

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