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Enhancing Dental Perfection with Translucent Zirconia Blocks by De Corematrix


De Corematrix Co., Ltd, an esteemed zirconia block manufacturer, stands at the forefront of dental ceramics advancements. Since its establishment in 2016, the company has garnered a reputation for producing exceptional products, offering unparalleled technical support, spearheading technical innovation, and receiving esteemed awards in the industry. With a global business coverage facilitated by its strategic partnership with Tianlong, De Corematrix delivers excellence to dental professionals worldwide. Unveiling the Essence: The science behind translucent zirconia blocks

Technical Support and Innovation

De Corematrix Co., Ltd goes above and beyond in its dedication to customer satisfaction through its exceptional technical support. With a team of experts continuously driving innovation, the company consistently pushes the boundaries of dental ceramics. Incorporating state-of-the-art technologies and pioneering methodologies, De Corematrix ensures its translucent zirconia blocks remain at the forefront of technical advancements in the industry.

Awards and Recognition

De Corematrix’s unwavering commitment to excellence in product quality and technical expertise has earned the company numerous prestigious awards. These accolades not only validate its dedication to superior dental restorations but also solidify its position as a leader in the dental ceramics domain. Each award received further strengthens De Corematrix’s resolve to continue delivering outstanding products to dental professionals worldwide.


With their exceptional line of translucent zirconia blocks, De Corematrix Co., Ltd. is revolutionizing the field of dental restorations. By combining strength, aesthetics, and technical innovation, the company empowers dental professionals to create natural-looking, durable, and precise restorations. With a winning combination of excellent products, unparalleled technical support, global business coverage through Tianlong, and a commitment to driving the industry forward, De Corematrix paves the way for elevated dental perfection.

With its exceptional translucency and optimal strength, ZirconiaGlow-RZ4000 opens a world of possibilities for dental esthetics and functional restorations. Experience the pinnacle of dental excellence with De Corematrix’s ZirconiaGlow-RZ4000 and take your dental artistry to unprecedented levels.

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