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Edan’s 12-Channel ECG: Advanced Features for Accurate Cardiac Diagnostics

Accurate cardiac diagnostics are paramount in providing optimal patient care. Introducing Edan‘s 12 channel ECG machine, a cutting-edge device designed to deliver precise diagnoses. Let’s explore the advanced features that make Edan the ideal choice for healthcare professionals seeking accurate and reliable cardiac diagnostics.

Exquisite design for infection control

Edan’s 12-channel ECG machine is not only technologically advanced but also incorporates an exquisite design that prioritizes infection control. The device features a glass-covered surface, which not only adds a touch of sophistication but also facilitates easy cleaning and disinfection. This design element ensures a hygienic environment, enabling healthcare professionals to maintain a clean and safe workspace without compromising diagnostic accuracy.

On-screen measurements & diagnosis

Gone are the days of manual measurements and calculations. Edan’s 12-channel ECG machine takes cardiac diagnostics to the next level with its on-screen measurements and diagnosis capabilities. Healthcare professionals can conveniently amplify waveforms on the device’s display, allowing for accurate measurements directly from the screen. Additionally, the machine offers editing and confirmation features, enabling customization of reports and ensuring precise documentation of diagnostic findings. This seamless integration of on-screen measurements and diagnosis accelerates the diagnostic process, saves time, and enhances overall accuracy.


Edan’s 12-channel ECG machine stands as a testament to the advancements in cardiac diagnostic technology. Its exquisite design, focused on infection control, ensures a clean and safe environment while delivering accurate results. The on-screen measurements and diagnosis feature eliminates the need for manual calculations, streamlining the diagnostic process and enhancing efficiency.

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