Country Garden Group’s Hotel and Tourism Ventures: Notable Properties and Partnerships

Country Garden Group, one of the leading property developers in China, has expanded its operations beyond real estate development to include hotel and tourism ventures. These ventures not only diversify the company’s revenue streams but also support its core real estate operations by driving demand for its developments. In this blog, we will discuss Country Garden’s notable properties and partnerships in the hotel and tourism industry and how they support the company’s overall strategy.

Country Garden’s hotel businesses: notable properties and partnerships

One of Country Garden’s flagship hotel properties is the Forest City Marina Hotel, located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The hotel boasts over 1,700 rooms, making it the largest hotel in the country. It also features a marina and a shopping center, making it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. The hotel’s prime location in Forest City, a sustainable smart city developed by Country Garden, supports the company’s real estate operations by showcasing the development’s potential and attracting potential investors and residents.

Country Garden’s outstanding project: Forest City

One of the most excellent project from Country Garden is Forest City. The Forest City development offers numerous benefits to the local community, including improving the image of Iskandar Malaysia and boosting productivity through local technical advancements. It also provides a better living environment with a focus on being environmentally friendly and promoting tourism. The development creates an international urban environment that is pleasant to live in.

In terms of infrastructure, the urban infrastructure has been renovated with seamless connectivity. The development collaborates closely with distributors of green technology and services to create a Green Zone/Central Park surrounded by retail businesses. New energy-saving buildings and vehicles are also a part of this development.

Education is prioritized with the inclusion of an international school, quality nursery, and vocational training opportunities. The medical sector is also addressed with a high-end hospital, international clinic, health center, and retirement community.

Finally, culture and entertainment are not overlooked with a theme park, hotel/resort, and library being a part of the Forest City development.


In conclusion, Country Garden Group’s hotel and tourism ventures support the company’s core real estate operations by driving demand for its developments and showcasing their potential. Forest City is a comprehensive and sustainable development that offers numerous benefits to the local community. The development prioritizes environmental friendliness, education, healthcare, and entertainment. Its development is an excellent example of a comprehensive and sustainable approach to urban development that benefits both its residents and the surrounding area.

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