What Are Sleep Aid Tablets?

As the name suggests, sleep aid tablets are used to induce sleep, treat insomnia and other symptoms related to it. The current lifestyle of people has led to a lot of stress and loss of mental peace that leads to sleeplessness and anxiety. A healthy body needs a sound sleep and hence, sleeping pills are given to people who face sleep disorders. Sleep aid tablets must always be taken by the advice of your doctor as self-medication may cause certain health issues and severe side effects. When you visit a doctor and tell them about your problem., they analyze your health history and accordingly prescribe the right sleeping pills. It is always important to take the right dose of such pills in the appropriate strength according to top your body.

Who can take sleeping pills?

Adults who are above 18 years can take sleep aid tablets if they face acute sleeping disorders and people who are above 65 years must always take a sleep aid tablet under a doctor’s supervision. However, adolescents and people above 65 years must avoid Sleep aid tablets and they should go for natural sleep therapy like yoga, exercise, follow a healthy diet chart and make relevant changes in their lifestyles.

Who should not take sleep aid tablets?

Pregnant or lactating women

People below 18 years

People who have a kidney or liver disorder must never take sleep aid pills without consulting their doctors

People dealing with mental disorders

Those who have ever had any severe reaction with sleep aid tablets

People suffering from cardiovascular issues

Those who are suffering from glaucoma

People with breathing difficulty

Those who are already under certain medication

Dose of sleep aid tablets

Sleep aid tablets must be used as advised by your doctor and all the instruction must be followed. Do not go ahead with the consumption of such tablets without consulting the experts. You may want to check out this digital healthcare platform through which such consultations can be done easily online from the comforts of your home. Once approved by the experts, you must take the dosage of these tablets as per their advice.

These tablets come in different strengths ranging from 5mg-10mg.  Sleep aid tablets must be taken 30-40 minutes before going to bed as it helps in inducing sleep and makes your feel drowsy. You must avoid driving after taking a sleep aid tablet to prevent any mishap as these pills make you feel sleepy and you may lose focus while driving.

Common sleep aid Uk    

·        Zolpidem     

·        Zopiclone

Side effects of Sleep Aid Tablets

There are many sleep aid pills available on the market. Every sleep aid tablet may have one or another side effect that may be mild, moderate, or severe. In case a person experiences any side effects of sleep aid tablets, they must visit their doctor before the symptoms get worse and cost them their life. However, the severe side effects of sleep aid tablets are rarely seen in one among hundred people.

Down below we have noted certain common and severe side effects of sleep aid tablets:

After having a sleep aid tablet you may experience dizziness or lightheadedness, which may also lead you to fall out. This symptom if falling out usually persist in elderly people

Headache may be another common side effect of sleeping pills that may go away with time

Constipation is quite a common side effect of sleep aid tablet

You may also experience drowsiness for a prolonged period and may feel like sleeping all day long

Rarely, there are severe allergic reactions when you take sleep aid tablets

A person may also face day time-poor memory or lack of focus

Depression may also be seen in people who have severe side effects of this medicine

Some people may also get to see skin rashes in their body which can be a severe side effect of sleep aid tablets.

If you feel you are facing difficulty in sleeping or are not able to get a night of sound sleep, consult your doctor and they may prescribe the relevant sleep aid pills that may work for you. You can get sleep aid tablets from a pharmacy on prescription while you can also get them from us. Use sleep aid UK tablets to get rid of your sleep disorder.

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