Writing Paper and Preparing Oral Reports

Preparing any sort of report, written or oral, is 90 percent perspiration (research) and 10 percent inspiration (writing). In other words, the ability to write a good paper is more dependent on your mastery of the other skills we’ve already discussed than your mastery of writing. If you are an avid reader, familiar with your local library, a veteran online researcher, a good note taker, and capable of breaking down the most complex topic into the manageable steps necessary to write a paper, you probably turn in superior papers.

Test Preparation

The key to proper test preparation is knowing what material will be covered and what form the test will take. Weekly quizzes or unit/chapter exams usually cover the most recent material. Midterms and finals cover a much broader area—usually all the subject matter to date. Multiple-choice tests, essays, lists of math problems, and science lab tests all require different preparation and apply different test-taking skills. Knowing the kind of test you’re facing will make your preparation much easier

Your Overall Score

Once again, after you’ve rated yourself in each area, give yourself two points for every A, one point for every B, and zero points for every C. If your overall rating is 18 or more, excellent (give yourself an A); 13 to 17, good (give yourself a B); 12 or less, fair (give yourself a C). Put your new score in the line “Overall study skill level” in the “Your Starting Point” chart on page 5.

How closely did this more detailed evaluation compare with the score you gave yourself before reading the rest of this chapter? If the latter was wildly off the mark, it just means you aren’t as ready to toss this book as you wanted to be! If your initial evaluation wasn’t as positive as the more detailed one you just completed, you’re in better shape than you thought!

Now What?

The fact that you have been honest with yourself in evaluating the talents you bring to the study game is a big plus in your favor. Knowing where you are strong and where you need to improve makes everything else a good deal easier. Now, based on your test results, draw up a list of your assets and liabilities—your areas of strength and weakness. This will focus your attention on those areas that require the most work to improve. Looking for a service to write a book report online for me. Order a review of a book at Edusson and get ✓100% Plagiarism-Free

Class Participation

Most teachers take each student’s class participation into account when giving grades, no matter how many pop quizzes they pull or how many term papers they assign. And, you may have discovered, there are teachers out there who will mark down even those students who “ace” every paper and quiz if they seem to disappear in the classroom.

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