What is Handicap bet ting? Good Instructions for Playing Asian Handicap at New88

Handicap bet Popular with many customers thanks to its interesting gameplay and attractive rewards. At Nhà cái New88, the system offers many handicaps for you to freely choose from. In the following article, join New88 to learn in detail how to play this bet.

Introduction What is  Handicap bet ting?

Those of you who play soccer betting regularly are certainly no strangers to  Handicap bets. Among them, the most prominent must be mentioned Handicap bet Also known as Asian handicap.

It often appears in matches with a difference between the two teams. Bookmaker New88’s experts will research and evaluate the performance, strength, and ability to win of each team.

Then, choose the stronger team as the upper, the weaker team as the lower. According to regulations, the top team must accept the bottom team by a certain number of goals. When betting, players need to rely on this factor to make wise decisions. Depending on the difference, the handicap will change accordingly.

Instructions on how to readDetailed handicap odds for new players

As mentioned, Asian handicap has many betting levels, increasing from low to high for you to choose from. So, before placing a bet, take the time to learn and carefully study the football match and the two teams to make an accurate bet. Below is the reading of the ratios Handicap bet that you need to know:

Handicap on the ball

This is one of the special forms of Asian  Handicap bet ting. It is favored by many people to conquer because the chance of winning is high. In a match, if there are two teams of equal talent and the difference is not too large, this bet will appear.

It is often launched in top tournaments around the world, in extremely important matches. When playing this bet, you only have two choices: win or lose. If the team you bet on wins, you will receive the full bonus.

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 Handicap bet  ¾

In this bet, the upper team must handicap the lower team by ¾ of the goal. Therefore, this team must win by at least two goals for the player to win the full bonus. If you win by exactly two goals, the upper bet loses half the money, the lower bet wins half the money. On the contrary, you will lose completely if the lower team wins or the match is drawn.

Handicap 1 goal

Matches with a big difference in strength and performance of the two teams will cause this handicap to appear. Specifically, the upper team must handicap the lower team by one goal and the results can be divided as follows:

  • The upper team wins by at least two goals, the player receives the full bonus.
  • If the above team only wins by one goal, it is considered a draw, and the house returns everyone’s bets.
  • If the team above loses or the match is drawn, you will lose your bet.

Asian Handicap handicap 1.25 goals

Similar to the above, the strong team also has to accept the weak team but at a ratio of 1.25 goals. There are 3 cases that will happen:

  • The above team wins by two goals, you will receive all the prize money. Meanwhile, betting on the underdog team loses all money.
  • If the upper hand only wins by two goals or less, you lose half the bet, if you bet on the lower hand you win half the money.
  • In case the underdog team wins or the match is drawn, the player who bets on this team will receive the full bonus.

Revealing fighting experiences Handicap bet  wins big

To conquer this bet, you should accumulate a lot of experience from the players and experts. Below are some playing tips Handicap bet undefeated for your reference:

  • Take the time to search and synthesize all news related to the match and the two teams. Thereby, players will analyze and objectively evaluate each team’s ability to win. The information you need to know includes confrontation history, famous players, coaches, performance, achievements…
  • Regularly update the rate table Handicap bet that bookmaker New88 provides. From there, you can grasp the changes in the odds and build the most appropriate strategy.
  • Have a reasonable betting plan, do not put all your bets into one game to avoid losing everything.
  • Refer to betting articles and expert opinions for more suggestions. At New88, these articles are available for you to refer to for free.
  • You should not listen to the crowd because they are most likely the bookies’ agents. You should only refer to and combine with your analysis to make a wise choice, avoid falling into the house’s trap.
  • You should bet by round to evaluate the ability and winning ability of each team. From there, you can adjust the most appropriate bet level to help optimize profits.

Word Conclude

Above is the introductory article Handicap bet and instructions on how to play effectively for you until prime. Please continue to monitor the website belong to New88 To gain more experience in conquering this bet.

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