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Tsingke: Your Partner for Cutting-Edge Biotech Solutions

Tsingke, a renowned biotech solutions provider, offers a comprehensive range of services to support researchers in their scientific endeavors. From gene synthesis to recombinant protein expression, Tsingke provides a one-stop solution for biotech projects. With their high-throughput expression platform, Tsingke delivers high-purity and cost-effective products, accelerating research projects and facilitating scientific breakthroughs.

Unleashing the Power of Protein Expression

Protein expression plays a vital role in research, and Tsingke understands the diverse needs of researchers in this field. Tsingke offers a range of options to cater to specific research requirements. Their advanced technologies and state-of-the-art facilities ensure efficient and reliable protein expression, enabling researchers to study protein functions, develop therapeutics, and advance scientific knowledge.

Streamlining Research with High-Throughput Solutions

Tsingke’s high-throughput expression platform revolutionizes the research process by providing fast and efficient biotech solutions. Researchers can rely on Tsingke’s streamlined services, starting from gene synthesis to the production of recombinant proteins. The integration of cutting-edge technologies and rigorous quality control measures ensures the delivery of high-purity products that meet the exact specifications of each research project. Tsingke’s commitment to efficiency and cost-effectiveness empowers researchers to focus on their scientific objectives without compromising on quality.


Tsingke, a trusted name in the biotech industry, offers cutting-edge solutions to researchers worldwide. Their biotech services, ranging from gene synthesis to recombinant protein expression, provide a one-stop solution for diverse research needs. With expertise in multiple expression systems, Tsingke enables researchers to unlock the power of protein expression and delve into various scientific studies. Their high-throughput expression platform ensures fast and efficient delivery of high-purity products, accelerating research projects and driving scientific advancements.

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