Bring the Right Attitude to Your Network Marketing Experience


Having spent a decade of my life in the field building downline organizations, I feel comfortable in telling you that it is impossible to build a successful organization without a consistent, fantastic attitude that inspires others to do what they would not have done without you as an attitude role model. Let’s face something right now. Network marketing is more about failure and stumbling than it is about victories and the fast track. Don’t be discouraged by that description from a field-tested veteran. Rather, understand that struggle and failure are a part of success in any great endeavor.

Don’t shy away from that aspect of success. Embrace it and know that the development, maintenance, and protection of a great attitude can dramatically enhance your likelihood of a major life victory in network marketing. Here is why. One of the most powerful resources available to human beings is their attitude. A person’s attitude touches in a positive or negative way every part of one’s life.

It affects people’s relationships, their physical and mental energy, their stamina, their self-image, their work habits, their willingness to try something new and challenging, their ability to deal with stressful situations, their degree of happiness, and of course their ability to achieve beyond their current circumstances.

Give me a distributor with average talents and a great attitude any day over the enormously talented person with a bad or even an average attitude. Of all the physical and mental traits possessed by human beings that will separate one person from the next, attitude stands alone as the great divider between average performance and peak performance. Men and women who truly work at creating and then protecting a great attitude will ultimately achieve far more than the person who does not understand the vital nature of this ingredient of success

So what exactly is a positive attitude? How does one acquire it? Based on both my field and consultant perspective, I would say a positive attitude is a disciplined decision of the mind to maintain a consistently confident expectation of good results. In essence, it is faith in a bright present and a brighter future. It is a decision to believe that God is in your corner desiring to bring about your ultimate well-being even though your current circumstances may not be the best.

A positive attitude is not, as some think, psyching yourself up in the hope that your fairy godmother will come to your rescue by dropping the dream downline in your lap. The proper mental outlook is based on faith. You should regard your attitude as an enormously valuable asset that deserves and demands careful protection. After all, you lock your valuables in a safe at home or you store them in a safe-deposit box at the bank.

When you leave your house you probably turn on your alarm system to protect your tangible assets. However, did you ever stop to think that you could acquire them 10 times over if you develop and maintain the right attitude? Just about every network marketer can sustain a positive mind-set when things are going well, and we are all prone to discouragement when things are not going so well.

I will share a secret to success in life and especially in your network marketing venture. One of the secrets of being happy is learning how to keep your attitude from being on a constant roller coaster. Anyone can be up when your business is on a roll. How high do you feel when that prospect who you know will go into massive action promoting your opportunity gets in and gets growing? Anyone can be down when adversity strikes. How low do you feel when that person quits two weeks later? The person who survives to achieve success in network marketing is the person who is up when the average person is down.

You must discipline yourself to understand that you are the sole proprietor of your mental outlook. There are innumerable issues that present themselves each and every day that conspire to pollute your positive attitude: difficult family relationships, money troubles, unhappy distributor/associates, rude customers, and the business environment. Have you ever gone through the day suspecting that your world is in a massive conspiracy to steal your attitude?


If you allow the circumstances of life or your business to determine your attitude, the circumstances of life or your business will determine your attitude. The only thing that separates victory from defeat at these critical moments is a disciplined, positive attitude that has been purposefully developed. A positive attitude is a personal decision to believe the best about you, your organization (both upline and downline) and the potential that your dreams will come true. It is a mental step of faith.

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